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    It's possible that on Bangle.js 2, the time gains too much. There are variables still to test, and it's still possible that the code I'm using for a very specialized clock (that no one else uses) is the problem. However, overnight the well-known Anton Clock seems to have gained a lot also. Temperature is not the factor here.

    I'm interested to know whether others have the gaining problem that @malaire and I have noticed.

    Gaining 2 seconds a day is okay with me only if I have a way to automatically correct that daily. At present the only way I know is to reload my watch script manually, although just now even that didn't work.

    If I could sync to an iPhone, I'd be all set. I'm not aware that's possible.

    I'm not a coder and know very little of javascript or about Bangle.js. I still don't know whether on Bangle.js 2 the GPS time, once set outside, still works inside, and whether I can access it continually. That seemed to solve my time problem on Bangle.js 1.


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