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  • It seems that there's a touch sensitive area 176..191 outside of the LCD?

    Yes, this is what I was trying to say above. So clipping coordinates just removes a potentially useful area for scrolling, and scaling would mean the pixel reported was no longer under the finger.

    Is it possible to write a widget to show the actual coordinates or draw a "visual feedback"

    Yes - but I feel like if you're developing the app you could just insert a pretty much one-liner to do that yourself?

    Which IC and which bus (SPI / I2C) is used for the touch screen?

    It's software - there's another post on the forum quite recently about that - but if you're digging that deep you need to start looking at jswrap_bangle.c - you can't reliably access it from JS.

    @diego please could you try TinyDraw and see what you find? What you're suggesting definitely seems like the coordinates need scaling, but it'd be nice to know for sure since it seems from @HilmarSt and my tests that they don't.

  • @Gordon just tested, and it worked fine. I don't have a stylus so you'll have to take this with a grain of salt, :P

    After this, I've made a second test with the following codes:

    Bangle.on("touch", function (button, tap) {
      g.fillCircle(tap.x, tap.y, 5);
      Bangle.on("drag", function (tap) {
        g.fillCircle(tap.x, tap.y, 5);

    What I've found is: drag is really consistent, touch has a few odd positions here and there.


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