• How does the coordinate reported match up with where your finger is? Is it actually underneath?

    My concern with clipping the coordinates is that the touchscreen is probably slightly bigger than the LCD - so you'd expect you might be able to touch around the edges.

    If we clip this down in the firmware then it's kind of an own goal. It means that there's now less useful touch area - less scrolling, less ability to press around the edge of the screen, and less accurate swipe recognition (when that actually starts getting used).

  • If we clip this down in the firmware ...

    I would not clip this in the firmware, rather map the 191 to 176 (or 175?).
    Or do a touchscreen calibration if not all watches go up to 191?

    I have some problems in the GPS time app when trying to touch the button areas on the right side: I have to touch the screen nearly in the middle to have a button press reaction, maybe the layout clips itself at 176?


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