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  • or maybe info on swipe event for up/dn and x,y.

    we have that already??

    It restarts the watch on long press, is there a way to customize that?

    Sadly no, I believe the bootloader needs a software update for that. It's built in at a very low level to try and make the Bangle.js extremely hard to brick :)

  • we have that already??

    I was looking at swipe event, it only has left/right. and then there is drag event with yz but not the action id, but it is not a problem really, I used the drag event with the i2c.writeTo(0x15,0xFA,17);
    so now I get no Arbitration error, it actually works very nice.

    On the reset issue, I think we are not talking about the same one.
    There is one that resets the watch on a 10sec hold, handles the dfu mode, this is very nice.

    but there is another one as well, it fires at 1.5-2 sec in, and it issues an E.reboot() and the screen displays "loading".
    I have noticed that it is only started after I call the Bangle.getOptions() or set an option, or set a event. If I do not, I can bypass it, so I guess I could work around it.

    I also tried calling E.kickWatchdog() , it doesn't seem to work, I guess it is not the watchdog, because I get a message from E.kill event, and the manual says this should not work on a watchdog timer reset.


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