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  • Thanks for the kind words. There is a version of the Braun face for the original Bangle:

    The nice thing about the brAun logo is that the A is the middle letter and can be centred in the watch. bAngle would look asymmetric.

    BTW: The Apple Notification app is now obsolete as Gordon has provided an IOS Integration app. It did work well with a fimware hack but was flaky without it:(
    @Gordon - should I do a PR to remove the ANCS app?

  • The blink is because the Bangle 1 screen is not buffered so you are seeing the delay between the second hand being deleted and then redrawn. It is noticeable because in this face, the second hands overlap the numbers so they have to be redrawn on every tick. There is now a new version (in the same place) which reduces the delay by only redrawing the 4 numbers that are actually overlapped by the second hand. A better approach would be to be to use an image buffer but with 4 colours this would need about 200*200*2/8 = 10K bytes which should fit but would take most of free memory.


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