• Hey, I am new to bangle.js but follow the project for about 2 years. After seeing the Kickstarter Video for the bangle.js 2 i was surprised. Now to the question:
    I know that there is the OSM app. But as far as I can tell without owning a bangle, the app is able to display on a small map where the watch is at the moment but not to navigate, at least yet. I know that the bangle is no Supercomputer but I ask myself if trough converting map excerpts and a very simple routing engine the bangle could navigate on it`s own. It would be a great feature.

    I also saw in a video that there was like a navigation feature, but i think it looked like google maps? I would be thankful if you could enlighten me on if my guess is right.
    Please let me know what you think. :)


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