• I have Espruino Hub working on both a Raspberry Pi Zero W and Raspberry Pi4.

    I prefer the Raspberry Pi 4 because it runs the python commands I am using with Node-Red faster. I am using the PuckJs to toggle on and off my TP-Link Kasa smart bulbs and sockets via Node-Red and the "python-kasa" library.
    It works a lot faster than IFFT and does not require TP-Link cloud services over the internet.

    I am still having an issue with autostart on boot...

    [Config] Config config.json loaded
    [HTTPProxy] config.http_proxy=false, not enabling Bleno/Proxy
    [MQTT] Connecting...
    [HTTP] Server is listening on http://localhost:1888
    [HTTP] www directory found at /home/pi/EspruinoHub/www. Web server at http://localhost:1888
    [History] history_path value is empty, thus not providing history.
    [MQTT] Connected
    [Discover] Re-sending presence status of known devices
    [MQTT] Write to f7:e3:xx:xx:xx:xx but not in range
    [Discover] Noble StateChange: poweredOn
    [Discover] Starting scan...
    [Discover] Scanning started.
    [Discover] Scanning stopped.

    A restart "sudo systemctl restart EspruinoHub.service" gets it running normally though.

    I have looked at the logs and tried some config changes but I have found no fix yet.



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