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  • The code below takes out the checks mentioned above. The watch (Dozenal Time 2 on Bangle.js 2) still gains 4+ seconds a day. (Bangle.js 1 does not.)

    Can it be determined from this whether it is reading GPS time, continually? Must the GPS be acquired and set before the watch face is uploaded? The reverse? Does it matter?

    I apologize once again for not being a scripter. Most of the rest of the watch code was written by a person who left the project. A little of the most obvious javascript I understand, but that's all.

    // Time fix with GPS
    function fixTime() {
    	Bangle.on("GPS",function cb(g) {
    		// We have a GPS time. Set time
    	setTimeout(fixTime, 10*60*1000); // every 10 minutes
    // Start time fixing with GPS on next 10 minute interval
    setTimeout(fixTime, ((60-(new Date()).getMinutes()) % 10) * 60 * 1000);

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