• Based on my Analog Clock Construction Kit (ACCK) and in view of the situation, that people want to get s.th. they can "install", I used the Bangle.js App Customiser (@Gordon: what a brilliant idea) and hacked "AC-AC" ("A Configurable Analog Clock") - yes, "AC-DC" would then be "A Configurable Digital Clock".

    The customizer does not look pretty - and, particularly, it does not check whether the URLs you may enter are valid and point to valid code or not (that's your task!) - but it gives you the chance to build your own, personal analog clock for the Bangle.js 2 (out of approx. 102144 possible built-in combinations - and out of endless combinations when including external modules) without having to program yourself!

    Because of the ACCK, you currently have the choice between

    • 2 different clock sizes,
    • 4 different clock faces,
    • 3 different clock hands and
    • 4 different complications

    Alternatively, you may specify the URL of ACCK compatible modules for external clock sizes, faces, hands or complications - this makes ACCK and AC-AC extensible in the future.

    Additionally, you may use the currently configured global theme or configure your own colors for clock fore- and background and second hands.

    With greetings from Germany: have fun!

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  • Is the AC-DC version on the horizon?
    Not a fan of Analogue faces, mainly cause I can't read them well.

    Also if you have a clock face with a second hand I assume battery use is higher as it has to redraw every second ?