• Hi,

    many thanks for this great watch face! Some feedback

    • Broader hands, especially the seconds hand, would increase readability. The "always on" display of the Bangle.js 2 is a real "killer feature", it just needs software which makes the most use of it.

    • You might think about making the seconds hand only drawn when the screen is unlocked. Without seconds hand, the clock only has to wake up once per minute and that really makes a difference to power consumption. This can be made an option, however.

    • Your settings dialog should be at the usual place in the app settings. It is really confusing if it does not stick to standards.

    • You also might think about using the default settings menus with E.showMenu(). Yes, yours are definitely more beautiful! But again - special solutions make things more complicated for the every day user. And if there is one thing that annoys people then it's if an every day item (like, say, a watch) has an overcomplicated configuration mechanism. And that would be a pity, because your watch is really nice.

    • Your watch face overwrites the lower widget area. But I am a bit unsure whether this is really a think on the Bangle.js 2. So far, I have not yet seen a widget in that area...

    May I also suggest a name change? I mean, being "configurable" is not really an outstanding feature for a computer program, is it? What do you think about "Versatile analog watch". Because that's its unique selling point: An analog watch face which has a versatile look'n'feel.

    Best regards,

  • Thank you very much for your comments!

    You may already have seen my new "Analog Clock Construction Kit" (elsewhere in this forum) where I try to summarize my findings of the last few days (as the time I may spend to Bangle.js development comes to an end).

    This kit allows to plug-in a custom "clockwork" which is also responsible for display updates. The default one shows seconds whenever LCD is "on" and hides them when LCD is off.

    This approach may also already solve any visibility problems of the seconds hand.