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  • I was fiddling with the messages app, and to test things I foolishly dumped this all at once into the IDE left side (i.e. gave it a ton of messages to process and append to messages.json):

    function test(src){GB({"t":"notify","id":src+'-te­st',"src":src,"title":"Test","body":src+­" test message."});}
    ["calendar", "mail", "music", "phone", "sms message"].forEach(test);
    ["facebook", "gmail", "google home", "hangouts", "instagram", "messenger", "outlook mail", "skype", "slack", "telegram", "twitter", "whatsapp", "wordfeud"].forEach(test);

    I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Things went Wrong, but somehow it even managed to trash the storage bad enough that it wouldn't boot anymore and I had to reflash the firmware. (using the IDE Storage button definitely listed corrupted file names)
    I'm just wondering if that should be possible? (and if not, I guess this might be a way to reproduce it, haven't tried it again...)

    (After reflashing, the watch detected that my storage was corrupt and properly wiped everything back to factory settings, so that went pretty smooth :-)


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