• Awesome work! I love the idea of having it very customizable. I have some examples that might be helpful to take for round and square designs. These are from design houses, so long established looks.

    The Braun square one would be the one I'd use for sure. Probably with 1,2,3,4... instead of the minute denominations. On the pebble, they also had it that you could remove the denominations and keep the markings, might be nice. Also complications with TUE or date number are excellent too. Just some ideas I had.

    EDIT: I looked at the config closer, and you do have selections for numbers. Square/Round to mimic the Braun would be super cool.

  • Thank you very much for the examples, they help a lot! Let's see what I can do this afternoon (as mentioned above, I have to give a lecture in the morning)

  • Have you seen "Analog Dark" in the app loader? That watch already seems to mimic the square look of the Braun design - as best as it can be done with 176x176 pixels and just 8 colors...


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