• @Andreas_Rozek - love it !

    You beat me to it. I have been working on a configurable analogue clock based on your code.
    The area I have focussed on mainly was having different fonts.

    I have a choice of 4 interesting font of fixed sizez, then you choose the Vector font and scale from 24 up to 48 (if I remember correctly).

    I can send you my code and you could choose, change butcher what you like as there is no point in my forking this wonderful clock.

    I will add a couple of bits of feedback once I have downloaded it and had a thorough config / twiddling fest ! I guess the lectures have not started yet :)

  • The very first lecture will be tomorrow (friday) morning, but real work will start next week. Thus, I'll have a few days left for my work on Bangle.js until it will come to a hard stop....