• I don't really see rebasing or not as a problem. I know if new apps have been added at the end of apps.json it can cause a merge error, but it's just a few seconds required for me to fix that so I don't see it as a big deal - and if there are multiple PRs for new apps that I merge within a few minutes of each other it's basically unavoidable.

    From my point of view, I just want to be able to clearly see the changes that have been made and to be able to merge, and I'm not too concerned with how we get there. Because apps are pretty much independent it doesn't really matter if other apps are older in your PR - the main thing is that you're applying changes on top of the latest version of that app.

    Hope that helps?

    I've seen a few cases where PRs have included every change to the repo that happened since the user pulled (like they copied the files from the latest version of the repo over and then committed it) - I believe that's probably just user error (not a proper rebase) but it's important that doesn't happen :)


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