• I just published a very first (preview) version of a "configurable analog clock" with various faces, hands and colors to choose from. You have the choice between

    • 4 different clock faces and
    • 3 different clock hands (optionally with or without second hands)

    Additionally, you may use the currently configured global theme or configure your own colors for clock fore- and background and second hands.

    Just swipe up or down to switch from clock display to the first configuration screen and continue from there.

    Chosen settings will be written to the Bangle.js's flash memory and restored whenever the clock is started again.

    Right now, you'll find in my personal app loader only - just look for "Configurable Analog Clock" - because I still have the problem that widgets may appear on a configuration screen (which is a bit annoying but should not affect operation in any way)

    This clock also acts as an example for the building blocks found in my GitHub repository

    Any feedback is welcome!

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