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  • That's great! I actually am running with my own driver for the moment... not as good, but for setPixel, I just set the color and go.. I don't buffer even the one line; so it's slower but I got it to work. I tried taking out double buffering but it didn't work for me... but I'll try your version for sure.

    As for the button, I did get it to work.. According to atc1441's notes, btn1 is D9, and that works as long as you pull D17 high. I'm sure there's a less hacky way, but I defined two buttons, the second one being D17, and pull it high:

     'BTN1' : { 'pin' : 'D9'} ,
     'BTN2' : { 'pin' : 'D17', 'pinstate' : 'IN_PULLUP'} ,
  • Thanks - that's about the only pin combination that I did not try:-( I have updated the firmware in the WatchApps repository with your BTN1 hack. Really like the SN80 as it has a nice bright large screen - the 1.3 inch spec for the lcd is deceptive as it is equivalent to a 1.8 inch square lcd.

  • It really is a nice screen isn't it? and yes, much bigger looking than its spec. I just bought another SN80 recently, with DaFit firmware from AE, and just ran through the full process:

    • Used DaFlasher to upload DaFitBootloader23Hacked.bin
    • Used nrfConnect to upload
    • Used nrfConnect to upload fanoush's
    • Used nrfConnect to upload jeffmer's image (

    I used my own driver set for now, but all works perfectly. Nice work, @jeffmer!

    A caution for anyone wanting to get an SN80 though.. my "new" one has a slightly misaligned LCD ( a vertical line from 12:00 to 6:00 is tilted a few degrees). Nothing tragic, but unfortunate as analog watches won't align to the tick marks on the bezel! Could be selling off QA rejections?


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