• I installed all 3 widgets, set the theme to the dark theme and ran Anton Clock on my Bangle 2.

    Something not right in the example you have displayed.
    Its possible its the code you are using.

    Is your screenshot from code loaded on your Bangle 2 or via the Emulator ?
    Can you show your code - it could be the order in which you have set the theme / drawn the widgets etc.

    The three widgets displayed Lock, Battery Level and Firmware ID widgets all adjust their backgrounds based on what whether the light or dark theme have been setup through Settings / System / Theme.

    It is arguable that both the Bluetooth ID and Firmware ID widgets would be better using g.theme.fg instead of the fixed cyan colour they have been set to. That text does not work well on a black background. But the battery and Lock widgets are working as I would expect.

    I think what you might have done is possibly -- set to Light Theme, through Settings/System/Theme - but in your app cleared the whole screen area to a black background, the widgets have then drawn themselves using the light theme.

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