• Hello,

    I wanted to implement a left/right touch differentation. I am supposed to use the button value, where 1 is left and 2 is right. This is a cool idea because then everybody who does this differentation would use the same X values to say if the touch was left/right, which results in no matter what app I use, whenever I press right, its always right (or left, and I learn to press further right).

    My issue is that imo, too much of the screen goes towards the right side. The differentation happens in the firmware, which we can find here. So whenever the X touch coordinate is greater then 80, its a right touch, otherwise a left one. From experimenting, the X coordinates go from 1 (furthest left I was able to touch) to 191 (furthes right). This gives us a difference of 190 X jumpes, where the half would be at 95 X, and not 80.

    I guess the 80 is the middle value for the Bangle js 1? Anyway, it would need to be increased for the 2 watch :)


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