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  • So you might want to giggle the starting x,y coordinates a bit to get the font digits to look properly aligned. Or you can adjust the size of the font in the font converter until its scales better.

    Colour control on the Bangle 2 is a bit limited. Color is set using 3 flags for a colour mix



    Means set RED. You can also dither the color a bit by setting the RED value from 0,1,,, through to f.

    I just used a color mixer app at:­B_Color.html

    I dragged to a color selection I wanted.

    The output for a 24bit color was #F6D1D5
    I just converted this to FDD or FB8, which is what I used in the code above.

    You can then turn this into a full clock.
    Start with the code for Anton Clock.
    Change the font and replace the draw() function and you are pretty much there.

    The difficult part is finding nice colors and fonts that look really good.

    I hope that gets you started. Dive in and have a go, plenty of help available on this forum if you get stuck.


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