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  • Hi there,

    I'm not sure if it's good to put this in this thread, but I was afraid to open a new one. If no one answers, I will open a new one :)

    I just wanted to ask, if bangle can recognize "shaking". The Pebble once had an app that displayed messages and you were able to "shake them off" your wrist. I would like this behavior in the messages app and would try to implement it myself. But I'm new to bangle and anything with accelerometer, so I wanted to ask if recognizing "shaking" is already available.
    I read about "gestures" but that seemed too sophisticated for what I have in mind.

  • It definitely could do.
    You could follow the gestures tutorial, but as you say if you only care about the shaking and not any specific direction etc., you probably could do it without any machine learning involvement just by looking for a sudden burst of accelerometer "noise" (for want of a better word).


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