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  • You need 'Android Integration' and 'Messages' on the Bangle - but not the Gadgetbridge app.

    I cannot scroll to read the full message. Is this something that can be improved?

    Yes, there's a GitHub issue for it somewhere - it may be you end up tapping to get the message fullscreen + scrollable or something like that.

    My Pebble allowed standard replies, is this a feature that will be coming in the future too?

    Yes - this should work - the messages app just has to send {t:"notify", id:int, n:"REPLY", msg:"My reply"} - it's just not in messages yet. Again it's on my list of things to add.

    Lastly, our company uses OKTA Verify, it would be great if the button of messages could confirm the login attempt so I do not need to unlock the phone for this anymore.

    I think you could likely add this feature yourself by sending the correct message to Gadgetbridge when you detect the message type come in... The format of messages received is in

    ... so a lot of this is on my to-do list and will get done next year, it's just that right now I'm firefighting. I spent at least 6 hours today just answering emails, PMs, Kickstarter comments, messages, etc so it leaves very little time for actual improvements :(

  • Hey Gordon,
    I probably speak for a lot of people here in saying that "DONT BURN OUT!"
    You're doing excellent, fast work and the watch works great. Make sure you take care of yourself!


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