• Hi - email sent. To anyone else looking at this, please try some of the things mentioned above - we test the Bluetooth connection of every device before sending it out, so it seems amazingly unlikely that a problem with Bluetooth would have developed during shipping.

    Also: If you've been able to connect to your Bangle in the past, and now can't it is hugely unlikely to be a hardware problem. It's much more likely that you have some other device that is staying connected to Bangle.js and is stopping you connecting with the device you're trying to use.

  • I'm at PRECISELY the point @rkoutnik reached. I'm about ready to throw this in the bin that's already full of 'smartwatches' that fail me. It's lovely lightweight comfortable battery life, but nothing I can do will get a connection and I'm still convinced it's me doing something wrong or using incompatible android or whatever. Is there a super-simple babysteps do-this-then-that for actually getting the first connection and what to expect at each step if it's being done correctly?


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