• I turned on the watch and it seems fine, but I had to manually set the time. I’ve downloaded the “WebBLE” app and it will connect to my watch, but I can’t figure out how to update the watch. I’ve gone to the Banglejs App Loader site and selected the Bangle.js 2. If I click on the icon to upload a file to my watch I first get a message to go to the App Store to get the WebBLE app, (even though I already have the app). I click on the app and since it was open already and I had already connected it to my watch, it’s still showing it’s connected, but not showing that it’s uploading any files.
    I’m pretty much lost here as to how I’m supposed to get files from the app loader website through the WebBLE app to the watch.
    Additionally the watch only shows time and date. I can set alarms or countdown timers, but the watch doesn’t “beep” when they go off despite the fact that in the settings I have it set to “beep” when the timer finishes or the alarm goes off. And finally the health app doesn’t do anything, I’m guessing that’s an update issue???


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