• If you have many of them (I do, my incomplete order history :-) ) then it is good to pick the better ones. Some have two leds, some one, some have chip labelled STM32 some have CKS32 and also some have 680 ohm pullup on SWIM (as per schematics) which is easy to find and scratch off the board and some not. Also some have SWD test points that are easier to solder (bigger or with holes) or attach to, some not. With every order I got slightly different one and then when searching internet I saw plenty of different ones too. I flashed two variants (three in total) and they work fine but no guarantee it will work with yours. Also some are labelled F101 instead of F103 (F101 should not have USB functionality at all, don't have any 101 one myself but others report getting it).

    Also nowadays they are more expensive so not worth getting them now I guess. Funnily I wanted to port CMSIS-DAP debugger source to it including working UART and then checked aliexpress for these dongles again and found cheaper ones already having CMSIS-DAP preinstalled - here or here, ordered but will see what is inside. There can be something worse than STM32.


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