• I just tried to drive an SG90 Micro Servo with 360° gear from an Original Espruino, wired to pin C7 (as the example suggests) - { range:2 } was the outcome of another test with an "ordinary" SG90.

    var Servo = require('servo').connect(C7, { range:2 });
    let Count = 0;
    function move () {
      if (Count < 10) {
        Servo.move(1, move);

    However, when uploading this code from the Web IDE it leads to an endless loop of error messages (and finally crashes the Chrome browser):

    Uncaught Error: Pulse Time given for digitalPulse is less than 0, or not a number
     at line 1 col 87
    in function called from system

    Does this code try to recursively call Servo.move rather than my function move? But why does it then lead to an endless loop?

    Amendment: renaming my function move to moveServo still loops endlessly