• There is s.th. terribly going wrong with "compiled" code:

    I just restructured my source into several functions which I can individually "compile" or not - and I did not start the program automatically, giving me the chance to simply "reset" the board after a hang-up. Additionally, this allows me to invoke individual functions after flashing (or reset)

    But now the board even hangs itself up after calling an uncompiled function - without ever calling a compiled function before!

    Just for the records: the program runs fine (albeit slowly) without compilation!

    Amendment: meanwhile, I found a combination of optimizations (e.g., Math.round -> rounded) and compilation of a single, small function that does not hang up my Espruino and runs fast enough to live with. Taking into account how much time it took to find that (kind of) "solution" I have to stop here.

    While the performance increases of compilation are impressive, I still can't really recommend going that way as it seems completely unclear how one can get compiled code running - it may work or it may not, but a recipe cannot be given...