• well, the code looks simple. anyway, just tried the simple example from Compile page and there is tons of Error\n at setType errors too so these may be harmless. So the issue is probably the end TypeError: Cannot read property 'type' of null

    it looks like that one is caused by one of the for loop not having first section for (; i < 16; i++) after adding i=i I got NewExpression not implemented - that was my let RGB=new Uint8ClampedArray(3) and now I have Error: SequenceExpression is not implemented yet. maybe that is "xx,yy" in your for loops.

    EDIT: after removing , from let and for it builds
    EDIT2: let is ok with ,, just in for it is an issue

  • Just to let you know:

    • thank you very much for your effort
    • I'm currently trying to update my source code accordingly, but the BT connection no longer works reliably: I can't even transfer the source any longer (and my original Espruino does not have enough memory...and my ESP32 does not support compilation...)

    I'll post my results here as soon as I have some....