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  • I'll gladly thank @fanoush for all his work in this project, and have many times. I wear his code on my wrist every day (currently an F07)! I was thanking YOU @Robin for your empathy in my situation. I am currently chatting with ATC1441 to see if anything can be done further, or if I simply have a $35 beacon now. It's difficult to get this far and have to give up.

    And a very huge THANK YOU to @Gordon and all other contributors here... I haven't had this much fun in tech in a long time (yes, a bit of pain and frustration too... all part of the process).

    @Gordon, have you had anyone else express desire for a ROUND watch Espruino (I mean truly round, not Bangle 1: square in a round frame)? I could (easily) be in the minority, but having a more dressy Espruino has appeal. Just curious...


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