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  • I just completed a little project with the RasPi Pico, Kaluma and a 16x16 Neopixel matrix. While I had to write a Neopixel driver myself (see GitHub), I was really impressed by the overall performance of the RP2040 running Kaluma (roughly 5x compared to an MDBT42Q)

    The Kaluma Web IDE technically resembles that of Espruino (Web Serial API used for communication, REPL, integrated Editor with syntax highlighting, code folding and linting) Note: you do not have to sign up in order to use the Kaluma IDE.

    There also seems to exist some kind of (yet undocumented) code ecosphere that allows to "require" external modules.

    Concerning the business aspects of having Espruino boards with the RP2040: Arduino also already sells such boards (incl. Wifi, BT and sensors) for much more than a single RasPi Pico costs.

    I'll still use my Espruino boards (and the Bangle.js, of course) but having RP2040s and Kaluma raises the limit of what is possible without having to program in C/C++ or Python