• 'What else is empowered to remove spaces?'

    Maybe we are splitting hairs here, but doesn't a parser read the user command and break up into the individual pieces without spaces that are processed in order to determine the command syntax for execution? As I understand the process of minification reduces each part to it's simplest representation, the examples in post #1 are already minified as best they can be aren't they?

    Should one remove that whitespace, syntax errors occur and the editor points this out with a red 'Bad assignment' error.

    When uploaded:

    Uncaught SyntaxError: Got ')' expected EOF
     at line 1 col 21
    x = () => print(2 --1);

    and this syntax without the space is parsed and executes just fine:

    z = () => print(1 -(-1));
    =function (undefined) { ... }

    In any event, as I don't receive the errors that are indicated in post #1 using the emulator, I'm wondering what the differences are in browser and PC environment by comparison.

    As an end user like yourself, I've just gotten running and are working through the Advanced Debug documentation and this would be a good sample to use to locate the problematic area.


    Am willing to put in the time to learn, but haven't grasped how to set up the environment to get started, even after following the 'Gotchas' section.


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