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  • I guess this is really for @fanoush, but I'll welcome any input.

    I've flashed Espruino to an SN80 (nrf52832, DaFit, 240x240 round ST7899). The pinouts are identical to the P8, so I used a prebuilt P8 (fanoush's espruino_2v08.5_p8_SDK12_SD30_SPIFLASH.z­ip) I used ATC's init code, replacing the default in the ST7789 Espruino module. I'm getting odd results. In the video, I start at reset(), then load the driver (sets up SPI, runs the init) then draw "Espruino" after 2 secs, then a white rectangle (full screen) after 2 seconds. you can see the draws happening, but everything is a vertical line. And more, in the still picture, you can see what happens after a minute, the screen dims in a doughnut shape! I have the ST7789V datasheet, so I'm prepared to do some homework, but any direction would be greatly appeciated!

    (I checked in with ATC and he doesn't remember what he did exactly... there are two versions of the hardware so he's not sure if he's mixed them up. I also tried his code in ATCwatch and get the same result).

    thanks to anyone for any help!

  • Those from the USA will (should) get this with all the nonsense going on. Comment on video:

    As our politicians would like you to believe, 'Everything is fine and you are content with what you have'

    I couldn't help myself after viewing the video @yngv126399 I feel you pain after investing all the hours you have.

    'I guess this is really for fanoush, but I'll welcome any input.'   holds true

  • work great as a sundial! So, sure... it's "fine!"

  • Thank you @Robin! I've only invested a little time so far, as I assumed that sample code I had would work! I have Espruino running fine: buzzer and button work (probably touch panel and accel too!) since it's a pinout identical to P8! So close....

    The real work now begins... digesting the nuances of the ST7789.


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