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  • It would be really handy if you could show me what you've actually got showing in Node Red. You should be able to upload png/jpg pictures just fine here, but if you can't work that out then you could always upload it to somewhere like Google Photos and share a link.

    Do you have EspruinoHub installed? Or are you just using Node Red as-is?

    Also, it would be super handy if you could install the 'NRF Connect' app on a phone. You can then look at the Bangle's advertising and see if it's really showing heart rate or not - so you can narrow down if it's a problem with the Bangle or with Node Red.

    Worth adding: Bangle.js won't give an HRM event (so won't start advertising HRM) until it's actually detected a pulse. If you have it just sitting on your desk then chances are it won't be advertising heart rate at all.


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