• @Robin, for me, there are really two types of debugging:

    • The high level debugging that Espruino provides - using the Espruino IDE built-in debugger which knows all about Espruino, it's genuine Espruino boards, their setup, etc. This debugger is a peer to the Espruino interpreter on the board.
    • The low level debugging thru the SWDIO - using what ever tool supports that with the knowledge of the hardware in it basic / native form, which knows zip about Espruino.

    In order to make the first one work for other - non-Espruino boards - I assume it has to be modified to do what is required for those boards.. For me, changing the board descriptor seems not to be enough. There are other things that require modification (or would need generalization with configuration, which would bloat not only Espruino, but also the busy-work for @Gorden (and as you know, busy work provides not only no gain - and is also not (enough) a catalytic... it just cuts into the actual gain to the point where all becomes a loss...).

    PS: @Robin, I guess I'm not providing any new insight to you in this post... :\ ...

  • Mon 2021.11.01

    PS: Robin, I guess I'm not providing any new insight to you in this post... :\ ...

    Your responses are always welcome @allObjects as others that read over these words of wisdom will gain additional insight as you pointed out in the other thread.

    @fanoush thank you. I'll respond later this week, out of time this evening. . . .


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