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  • @user135957, I would not run a 12V Halogen on a 24V supply... the bulb may immediately go or the power supply may tank... because current doubles and heats up the filament to the melting point. Finding a 12V 2A power supply is easy... for example­er-Security-Surveillance/dp/B0147V94OA/r­ef=asc_df_B0147V94OA --- just search the internet for 12V 2A power supply. You can get also power supply that is adjustable:­-Switching-Selectable-Electronics/dp/B07­WWBB9DY/ref=sr_1_3 --- I have a similar and it works just fine - just make sure nothing turns (accidentally) the knob... put a duct tape over it after you set it... ;_)

    Btw, if you run (an older or not voltage regulated) projector, idle - no load - shows not what really what it will be... Another aspect: Powering on and off in 'rapid' succession such lamp is detrimental to its life span. I do not know the application / project, but you may consider a shutter rather than a short switch off, if this is what your project is about. A shutter you can build many ways... you can even take a relays/solenoid with something glued to the moving part for that, or a small stepper.


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