• Should my understanding that the provision script only installs when a version of gcc is not present, then it is quite possible that the old gcc content is still there. It ran two years ago, but fails now.

    Yes, that's entirely possible. While I try and document what's needed in https://github.com/espruino/Espruino/blo­b/master/README_Building.md I can't document every eventuality - specifically that something has been set up on the computer beforehand that wouldn't normally be set up.

    The provision script does not permanently install GCC - it does it only for that session - so this exact thing does not happen. It is however possible that at some point you followed some steps you found on the forum or googled that would have permanently installed the compiler.

    I can't remember the specific version used but it's easy enough to find in scripts/provision.sh

  • Wed 2021.10.27

    'The provision script does not permanently install GCC'

    This is a good tid-bit of detail related to my specific issue.

    I got as far as openning the provision script and found

            if [ ! -d "gcc-arm-none-eabi-8-2018-q4-major" ]; then
              curl -Ls https://github.com/espruino/EspruinoBuil­dTools/raw/master/arm/gcc-arm-none-eabi-­8-2018-q4-major-linux.tar.bz2 | tar xfj - --no-same-owner

    and have run out of time to dig deeper.

    My plan for the weekend is to run the removal command suggestion provided in post #6 and determine if progress can be made.


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