• @avanc,

    everything can be made... BUT: Something has to hold on to the graphics buffer of the full with, or you would have to calculate for every output, beginning with what pixel you have to send the graphics to the device... and you would end up with 'snailing display'. With double buffer and messing with the buffer size in the memory and the view port size of the actual display... that works. I'm not sure current setup would allow you to define a different buffer size than the display and to offset the view port from the buffer (for double buffering, and it would cost you a lot of memory... 176x176x3/8 = 11.6 Kbytes for a matching buffer, and way much more for a buffer that would accommodate longer lines...). If you can go on a single fixed width font and matching grid, you could make scroll work with redrawing always 'everything' without double buffering.


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