• @bart Hold your horses before you destroy your Pixle...

    RS-232 is -12V +12V line voltage and that is way beyond what any processor can handle except you put som drivers/receivers in between.

    I could read nothing specific about the RS-232 in Novatel Flexpack6 specs that would say different, also because the connectors look like classic RS-232 9 pin (25 pin) D-connector.

    I expect that you have to use a level converter / adapter with a chip like the MAX3232 - Datasheet.

    This is for full control. To get started with just receiving date, you may get away with some simpler setup... which of course would need some bread boarding...

  • 'Hold your horses'

    Post #7 level shifter and post #10 #11 provided a Sparkfun solution so likely @bart became aware several hours ago.

    In agreement that extra caution announced here beforehand gets the point across!


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