• While it doesn't appear there is a RS-232 module built


    and it would take some digging to see if the onboard hardware UART could be used without the RS-232 handshaking CTS/RST, (maybe with software timers/timeout) it certainly would be possible to write a simple software equivalent using any of the pins described. (note: you may [should] need a level shifter - don't remember RS-232 output voltages)

    Certainly there must be a common ground, Tx==>Rx, Rx==>Tx and depending on software both RTS and CST to initiate the handshaking. So, three, four or five connections. Chose a pin for each and set the mode for each pin first.


    If not well versed in RS-232 comm, creating one would be fun and a tremendous learning experience and made much easier using the post #3 logic analyzer described above.


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