• Thank you for your help.
    I am looking at Pixl.js reference board and also on my Pixl.js but I can't find any pin labelled /marked as UART/USART marker.

    Is there a possibility to meet with you on Discord or on Signal teleconference ? I have noticed you have experience with GPS programming

  • 'but I can't find any pin labelled /marked as UART/USART marker.'

    the schematic might provide some assistance:

    found below the tutorial image icons beneath heading Information


    You actually mentioned the Tx/Rx reference D0 and D1 in post #4

    'Ok, so I checked Pixl.js documentation. I didn't get anything'

    I'll agree that the docs (diagrams for hardware SPI/I2C/USART) are more suited for the STM family, the earlier Espruinos, when the Nordic nRF micros came about, it did take me some time to grasp software SPI/I2C/USART as it can be used on any pin. I'd re-read over the USART link in post #2 and just stick with it. There are plenty of examples and tutorials.

    Remember: should you use the hardware USART the Pixl will have to give up B.T. comm which shares that Serial port


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