• Hello,
    To which Espruino devices I can solder pins and get data from rs232 port
    I'm going to decode NMEA data from external GPS/GNSS receiver (it is a Novatel Flexpak6 RS-232 DB9)

    Which Espruino Board can I use to read and store rs232 data (it is ASCII format NMEA, ?
    How to connect pins to the espruino board?

    There is no power on the pinout of Novatel's rs232 com1 port as follows

    1 COM1_RTS/422TX- 8
    2 COM1_TXD/422TX+ 2
    3 COM1_RXD/422RX+ 3
    4 COM1_CTS/422RX- 7
    11,14 Ground 5

    I want to grab some data from rs232, use that data for GPS position computation, and I want to store data and export it from espruino board.
    Which equipment do you suggest?


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