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  • ...and reading about the chip, it suggests to use an nrf52840 as application / board controller - like a cpu (of course w/ BLE comm support) - and use the nrf9160 as gps and 'cell phone communication' chip / device / function. nrf9160 has an AT-command set. How this command set goes beyond the usual control of a 'cell phone communication' to control the other features (GPS,...), I don't now. If may be up to the implementer to add the control w/ other SW components to the firmware w/ the AT-command set. To have gps and cell phone on the same chip makes sense, because it serves a faster and more precise and more available geolocation service.

    I'm expecting that the module will become available preloaded with some basic firmware with AT-Commands extended for / combined with control for GPS, etc. and can be used as just any other peripheral device from any Espruino board, like all the ESP8266EX based devices, of which the ESP-01 model was the first one and was featured with the advent of Espruino PICO, and later version with Espruino-Wifi with a better integration. Of course you can go the same route and port Espruino base firmware, extended with integration for and complemented with all the other, nrf9160 required libraries. Since the architecture is a bit different - ARM Cortex-M33 vs -M4, it will amount to 'some' work, as @fanoush points referencing the different SDK. Doing such a port and not having BLE seems to me not worth pursuing.


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