• user134932, is there some progress / success to report on your side regarding driving these displays with Espruino?

  • That's some nice work there, thank you for that! I have a hopefully easy Q. I am simply trying to identify the display that I have, a round 1.3" (probably a GC9A01) but I don't think I've got the read part of spi correct. I'm trying to ure spi.send:
    let c = new Uint8Array([4,0,0,0]); JSON.stringify(SPI1.send(c,CS)); assuming SPI1 and CS are initialized correctly, should that code return the manufacturer information (command is 0x4, returns 4 bytes)?
    I've tried it on a known GC9A01 and it doesn't work. Bad syntax? Do I need to lower DC? any help appreciated!


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