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  • @fanoush That's super interesting. I had actually often thought that because the Storage module's space is so tiny, that of course I'm going to run into problems quickly. For example -- my logs are now filled up again just after 3 days. What do you mean exactly by "external flash"? How is this differentiated technically from "internal flash"? The PICO I'm using (M5StickC) is just an ESP32 with integrated flash -- I believe -- but I assume it's just wired up via pins like any external flash module.

    Your Magic 3 smartwatch sounds interesting -- 14K vars (woo) -- > competes well with the TTGO watch @ 20K :P I'd love to know more.

    @MaBe That's ALSO super interesting. It could well be related. The last save from storage huh? I'll keep that in mind. I feel like I need to write some test code for this to hammer it out. I actually wrote a small test program to evaluate the effectiveness of your /targets/esp32/main.c modification for the HEAP memory on HTTPS requests.

    There had been some discussion in the GitHub around 45K, 55K, 60K, etc for the heap memory. And so I wrote this code that would run on some ESP32 modules for 24 hours and record success / failures. The technique could be used here (ie: fill up a bunch of Storage space in different ways, then run Storage.compact() and see what happens).

    Tomorrow I will "Storage.compact()" my device -- as it's full -- just 8K left using Storage.getFree(). I'll take a note of some settings and stuff and see what happens, and report back...


  • What do you mean exactly by "external flash"? How is this differentiated technically from "internal flash"?

    Sorry, this is esp32 forum and the case I described is nrf52 specific. There is some flash directly inside the nrf52 and then in that watch there is 8MB SPI flash which I call 'external'.
    Builtin flash is directly mapped to memory and is managed by nrf52 NVMC hardware while SPI flash is read/written via SPI commands


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