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  • What were the results of process.memory() before entering the compact command?
    By chance mixing Storage and StorageFile?

    I had about 1000/4000 JS vars available (ie: around 3000 used). I can check again next time I have to do this which would be in a couple of days. That's when the logs would fill up.

    Yes I'm definately mixing Storage and StorageFile. I use storage for single variables or arrays and StorageFile for logs/files that will be appended to, which from what I understand is how it is supposed to be used I think. Is that supposed to be an issue? As far as I understand StorageFile is just a series of regular Storage files with a backslash and number appended.

    Hi @MisterG while the ESP32 falls under the not 'officially supported' category, have you tried the same on an authentic Espruino or maybe consider supporting the community over Patreon?

    Of course this is always an option, but often the "official" Espruino hardware has been designed with a philosophy of running for two weeks on a CR2032 and BLE. This is great, because PixlJS and BangleJS and PuckJS are really great and super fun. However, the ESP modules are really suited for when you need 20,000 JS vars and some heavy internet lifting like HTTPS. So it's hard to find an overlap sometimes. I think the Patreon route is the best idea in this case.

    I think the Storage module is really fantastic and as I explore it I enjoy it's features more and more. For examples it seems to me you can load code directly into it and Espruino will read that code if you "eval" it, and it won't take up JSVars really. Also just being able to save your state between power cycles / reboots is awesome. However it should be reliable. Also it could be bigger :P

    So what I'm saying is I encourage you to explore and we can continue the discussion. I might try and create a small program to recreate the problem over the weekend. You gave me a good idea: Espruino Linux seems to support the Storage module. I could try and recreate the scenario there and see what happens. This would give me an idea if it's a more general problem or something on the ESP32 port side.

    What is your bizarre conversion issue?

  • Thr 2021.10.14

    'Yes I'm definately mixing Storage and StorageFile.'

    I'm searching for the forum entry that discussed this. I'll have more time to do so over the weekend should I not locate/post within a short time. I'll also respond to the other items then.


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