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  • Wed 221.10.13

    Hi @coat while I don't have any experience with micro:bit there are a few areas that will need some clarification for others to zero in on in your particular case.

    'I have simply copy and past the code on Epruino IDE'
    'I can't write on the left-hand side'

    So to confirm, as I understand the above, what does work is to cut-n-paste into the R-Hand editor side only?

    'message say "Prompt not detected - upload failed. Trying to recover..."'

    Are you connected by the USB cable from a port on the PC? (to remove Bluetooth connectivity as a possibility using battery)
    Was an attempt to disconnect or power down, then re-connect or power up, done?

    After the numerous 'Initialising Utils, Initialising Config, . . .' entries, are any other errors reported within the IDE console output?

    Upper Right of IDE :: Settings >> Console


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