• Mon 2021.10.11

    'Are you still getting this exact same error:'

    Yes and now another as a prefix:

    ERROR: Found module, but search took too long.

    I'm just sending the single line require snippet as in post #1

    ERROR: Found module, but search took too long.
    ERROR: getURL("https://www.espruino.com/modules­/AT24.min.js") error : Error: certificate has expired
    ERROR: getURL("https://www.espruino.com/modules­/AT24.js") error : Error: certificate has expired
    WARNING: [notify_warn] Module AT24 not found
    Found a prompt... great!
    >>> Sending...
    ---> "\u0010reset();\n\u0010\n\u0010\u001b[2d­var ee = require(\"AT24\").connect(i2c, pagesize, capacity, i2caddress);\n\n"
    Splitting for reset(), delay 250
    >>> Sent
    SET chrome.storage.sync = {"AUTO_SAVE_CODE":true,"BAUD_RATE":"1152­00","BLOCKLY_EXTENSIONS":"|bluetooth|rob­ot|","BLOCKLY_LANGUAGE":"en","BLOCKLY_TO­_JS":false,"BOARD_JSON_URL":"http://www.­espruino

    'I believe a quick fix is just to go to Settings -> Communications -> Module URL'

    Did that and success!

    The first line below of the module is now fetched:

    Config.MODULE_URL => http://www.espruino.com/modules
     - AT24 requires []
    Found a prompt... great!
    >>> Sending...
    ---> "\u0010reset();\n\u0010Modules.addCached­(\"AT24\",\"  /* Copyright (C) 2014-2015 Spence Konde. See the file LICENSE for copying permission. */\\n  /*\\nThis module interfaces with I2C EEPROMs, like the AT24C256. \\n\\nThis only supports EEPROMs with 16-

    'Since you're native, the lack of HTTPS won't matter'

    Learned something. I was under the impression that requests would be denied to the requester should the certificate not be active and the 's' URL request is not made. As (assumption) the native app .js module request doesn't appear as a browser request, we get away with it in this instance.

    'I guess possibly the NW.js version used for the Native IDE'

    Unknown what that file does or how to access it.

    It is interesting that the browser request using the online ide is accepted, but the native app isn't. The certificate isn't changing, the URL request goes to the same location, just the request to a secure server is different.


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