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  • Yes, but I am afraid that I did not follow the Bangle conventions exactly so my apps did require tweaks. I agree with your views on jswrap_bangle.c but I think the new touch and layout stuff is worth getting to work on the P8.

    BTW does the Kospet Rock have a touch screen? It looks like it has three buttons.

  • It looks like it has three buttons.

    Correction, @yngv126399 has Kospet Rock which does have two separate buttons on two separate GPIOs.
    EDIT: and looks like I was wrong, even the other Rock had two real buttons despite the firmware not using it, the PCB is same like Magic3, the difference is in flex cable to button in Magic3, there are only 2 wires in that one, there are 3 wires in Rock. So if you care for 2 buttons go for Rock.


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