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  • Do you build with the jswrap_bangle.c included?

    well, no, the­b/master/libs/banglejs/jswrap_bangle.c is quite big source with lot of bangle hardware specific assumptions. Long time ago I tried this with P8 and failed. Also lot of development goes into this file so maintaining fork with changes in this file can be nightmare. it could help if this would be splitted to separate files with drivers for specific hardware (touch, gps, compass, display,...) with some abstraction so only the generic stuff would remain in Bangle but it is probably lot of refactoring and lot of work.

    Also what I like on Espruino is the javascript side where you can change things easily without making new build so I'd prefer lot of this stuff that is not performance critical to be in javascript library like e.g. all stuff in


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