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  • Just to let you know that there is now a build of Espruino for Kospet Magic 3 watch. This is nRF 52840 watch with full touchscreen one button and 240x280 color display.

    It is similar to P8 or P22 watch just with 52840 instead of 52832 and a bit larger display. Like P8 it is available on aliexpress from many sellers. Like P8 it uses DaFit app and the firmware update procedure allows reflashing the watch without taking apart via DaFlasher android app.

    some info at­ster/espruino/DFU/Magic3

    Apart from more memory available, the SPI bus in 52840 is 4x faster so the display update is also 4x faster than with P8 watch.

    BTW Magic3 is basically same hardware as Kospet Rock so some variants of those will work out of box too.

    One more comment - Espruino build != Bangle.js , this is just the interpreter, to make it more like Bangle it needs additional effort similar to what e.g. @jeffmer did with P8


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