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  • @johan_m_o - thats brilliant. I've found them to be quite accurate for walking and non walking
    activities. EG - my Fitbit Charge HR records about 20 steps overnight during a sleep period, non while driving and about 2000 steps per mile which is spot on for my stride length. So I trust them as something to measure against. At this stage a few steps over/under on the control is neither here nore there in terms of testing. We are sill a long way off that kind of accuracy.

    The method I use is:

    1. note START step count on control device.
    2. not START step count on Bangle
    3. start the logging
    4. start walking - I usually walk the dog for a couple of miles
    5. stop walking, stop the logger
    6. when stopped not END counts of bangle / control device

    When you upload the file looks like we have agree'd a filename format like:

    Where 1234 is the control step count.
    bYYYY is the Bangle step count (2.10.27 firmware or greater)
    Name - your name
    Activity - walking, sitting, sleeping, driving, tv-sitting, typing

    I install the active Pedometer Widget and set the display to large digits so I can see what the step count is.

    I'd be happy to checkin the logs into the various repo's if you are not used to git etc.


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